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We are a family horse ranch dedicated to providing a great equine vacation deeply rooted in Montana tradition!  With our love of horses and Parelli Natural horsemanship, we welcome horsemen from advanced riders to the inexperienced and novice!

With our comfortable accommodations, great home cooking and a welcoming family atmosphere, we would love to have you come and join us for your next holiday!

Advanced Riders enjoy remarkable rides with long canters, a variety of changing scenery, and mountaintop views.  You will enjoy responsive horses that are fun to ride.

Beginning Riders learn how to be comfortable with the horse on the ground and then apply these principles as you ride.  You learn how the horse sees the world and how to communicate with the horse in his language.  You learn the power of focus and body energy.  Ride length is set to your abilities, comfort and confidence.

Families love it here. Horses are the center of activities.  Children get to ride to their level of interest and ability.  Kids get to enjoy what it is like to live on a ranch and spend time with cats and dogs too.  Teenagers get all the horse time of which they have ever dreamt.

Experience Natural Horsemanship.  You get to learn the seven games of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and apply the Parelli Principles for incredible riding.  The people who enjoy this can go deep and learn more advanced applications and realize why we have such happy horses!  

Cattle Work gives a purpose to your riding skills.  You learn how to move a cow and get the cow to a specific place, to move and to stop.  You do have the opportunity to learn to rope and get to apply this to a deeper understanding of the western style.

Lifestyle and family are what guests always mention about being special.  This is our life we share with you.  Zack and Patty have their two youngest daughters, Maria and Anna, and Maria's husband, Ben, helping on the ranch.  We take you riding and welcome your participation with all we do.

Accommodations & Food.  Our large guest rooms were built new in 2000.  There are 8 guest rooms in 2 buildings that will accommodate up to 18 people in all.  We provide good ranch food made fresh featuring beef, pork, and chicken served family style.  We always have gluten-free and Lactose-free options, and can cater to many other food specifications.  Desserts are fresh pies and cakes.  There is a wagon ride and cook-out one afternoon most weeks with great Dutch Oven cooking and a campfire.

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